Installing Firebird 3 on modern Linux versions: CentOS 8 and Ubuntu 19
Watch the first episode of the Developers.Pub series of interviews with Firebird Core developers. The idea is to let people know more about those guys and their life's history. The first guest was Dmitry Yemanov, chief of Firebird...
Firebird 3.0.6 sub-release is available
A new version of the Firebird PHP driver is available. This version supports boolean support. Precompiled binaries for PHP 7.3 and 7.4 are available at the download section.
Firebird GBAK is a powerful command-line tool, included in every Firebird distribution, and one of the most frequently used, and often Firebird developers and administrators use it ineffectively or in a non-secure way. The article...
Developer Days in Brazil go online and yield record donations for Firebird development
New Firebird driver for Python - the firebird-driver package - and the extension package firebird-lib versions 1.0.0 were released.
Jaybird 4.0.2 and 3.0.10 released
The second episode of the Developer's Pub series is now online: the interview is no one less than Ann Harrison, the "mother of InterBase/Firebird",
The new article "How Firebird Database Encryption Works" is based on the materials of the workshop "Database Encryption" at Firebird Conference 2019 in Berlin,
New version of ADO.NET provider for Firebird is ready for download.
In the 1st issue of Firebird Performance Newsletter: Comparing Firebird 4 vs Firebird 3 Write Performance, Choosing the best AWS EC2 instance for the maximum Firebird write performance, Recent results from INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE test...
This article is written for those who plan to migrate to Firebird 4.0 from Firebird 2.5 or Firebird 3.0. Why 2.5? Many people still use 2.5, but plan to migrate to 4.0 due to the native replication, so we will cover migration process...
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